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 Tell us how has Aromatherapy improved your wellbeing!
17-Oct-2011 11:22 AM Reply


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I have used aromatherapy for pain relief, for sleep and also to help me concentrated when  I am studying, all with wonderful results!! But, I find the greatest benefit of aromatherapy is it helps me to relax, a sort of "just breathe" reminder.

I am probably biased about aromatherapy because I have the best job in the world...making the nature inspired blends for Soul Sisters Harmony!!


27-Oct-2011 10:09 AM Reply


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Just realised this is not a twitter so I can expand on what I wrote. I find ginger helpful when my back is sore and I burn it in a blend while studying. Lavender, so tired and tested, is wonderful for a headaches and a good nights sleep. Any of the more earthy aroma's help me with relaxation, patchouli, vetiver or sandlewood. Once I smell the aroma its like a wave of calm passes over me.

28-Oct-2011 08:10 AM Reply


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